2020-09-23 Rendering an R Markdown Presentation to GitLab Pages R
2020-09-18 Ban Policies with Rotating Proxies Scrapy
2019-12-06 R Package for @racently R running
2019-11-13 Durban EDGE DataQuest R
2019-11-12 An API for @racently R running
2019-11-11 Scraping Machinery Parts R web scraping
2019-11-04 Installing Prophet on CentOS Linux R
2019-10-16 Private Security and the Pareto Principle Data Science R
2019-10-12 Tweaking Linux for Pernickety Projectors Linux Speaking
2019-09-17 MySQL Backups MySQL
2019-08-28 R, Docker and Checkpoint: A Route to Reproducibility R Docker
2019-07-28 All Roads Lead to Rome R OSRM
2019-07-26 Using Shared Memory with OSRM OSRM Linux
2019-07-01 Comrades Marathon (2019) Splits R running
2019-06-30 Medal Breakdown at Comrades Marathon (2019) R running
2019-06-15 Comrades Marathon (2019) Start Delay R running
2019-06-04 A Shiny Comrades Marathon Pacing App R Shiny running
2019-05-27 emayili: Sending Email from R R
2019-04-11 Setting up an R Admin Group R
2019-04-10 Sliding Puzzle Solvable? Python
2019-03-26 Integrating Qlik Sense and R R Docker
2019-02-25 satRday (Paris) 2019 conference
2019-01-21 Docker Images for R: r-base versus r-apt R Docker
2019-01-21 RServe: Getting Started R
2019-01-10 JSON Payload for POST Request R
2019-01-08 Where does .Renviron live on Citrix? R
2018-12-26 Survey Raking: An Illustration R survey
2018-12-14 Citrix Receiver on Ubuntu 18.04 linux
2018-12-12 Scraping the Turkey Accordion R web-scraping
2018-11-13 Installing RStudio & Shiny Servers R Shiny
2018-11-04 Accessing Open Data from AWS aws
2018-10-31 Embedding Dependencies into a HTML File tool speaking
2018-10-25 DNS on Ubuntu 18.04 Ubuntu
2018-10-15 @pyconza (2018): Data Science and Bayes with Python python conference
2018-09-28 Docker Images for Spark Docker Spark
2018-09-11 DIY VPN with Docker Docker
2018-09-08 Refining an AWS IAM Policy for Flintrock spark aws
2018-09-07 Diagnosing RStudio Startup Issues R
2018-08-09 Chairing a Conference Session speaking
2018-07-25 Stan.jl Setup Julia
2018-07-09 What's New in R 3.5.0? R
2018-07-09 Updating R on Ubuntu R
2018-05-18 eRum (2018) Top Twenty R conference
2018-05-10 Travelling Salesman with ggmap R
2018-04-21 Classification: Get the Balance Right R machine learning
2018-04-12 Workshop: Web Scraping with R talk: training talk: workshop
2018-04-06 Tips for Lightning Talks Speaking R
2018-02-23 Restoring a Django Backup Django
2018-02-16 Extending DataGrip Evaluation SQL Linux
2018-02-16 Installing DataGrip on Ubuntu SQL Linux